In our last post, we identified the London Baptist Confession of 1689 as the working statement of faith for Truth Community Fellowship.  Today I want to explain briefly four primary reasons why we chose that confession to summarize the nature of our teaching at Truth. 

The first reason is theological.  Among many other admirable traits, the 1689 Confession has a wonderfully high view of the Bible, God, Christ, and the nature of salvation.  It affirms God’s sovereign grace in the salvation of lost sinners.  In short, we believe the 1689 Confession accurately represents the teaching of the Bible. 

The second reason is historical.   Biblical truth never changes.  Truth Community is a new work, but our teaching is not new.  Our pulpit seeks historical continuity with men whose work has stood the test of time and biblical scrutiny over the centuries.

The third reason is polemical.  The Lord has raised up Truth Community in a region with a long history of Roman Catholic influence.  The 1689 Confession clarifies the issues that separate us from Roman Catholicism on several matters of biblical importance in a lucid and edifying way. 

The fourth reason is pastoral.  The 1689 Confession is no abstract theological treatise, but a summary of Christian doctrine that shows keen insight into the nature of Christian living and our future hope.  Earnest believers who read the Confession will be encouraged to excel still more; doubting believers will find insight into the nature of assurance; those without Christ will find sure direction to find the Savior. 

That’s why we use the 1689 Confession.  We don’t claim perfection for it.  However, we do affirm its direction.  So we commend it as an excellent resource for Christian study and devotion, and as a worthy statement of the spiritual aspirations of Truth Community Fellowship. 

If you don’t have a church home, please consider this a personal invitation to visit us at 9 am on Sundays at the Creation Museum. 

Here’s a simple promise. 

You’ll find us “Teaching God’s People God’s Word.” 

Pastor Don Green
Truth Community Fellowship