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Discernment and the Cultist at the Door

We’re finishing a series on discernment. Today we come to the question, “How should I respond to the cultists who knock on my door?” My counsel is to refuse them entry into your home. Here’s why.

1. The Bible tells us to avoid false teachers (Matthew 7:15; 2 Timothy 3:1-7).

2. We underestimate the power of false doctrine. Satan is “a roaring lion seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). He devours people through false teaching. Don’t give the devil a platform in your own home.

3. Many overestimate their biblical skill. Some cults, especially Jehovah’s Witnesses, abuse the Greek. Few Christians can refute that on the spot.

4. Don’t help cultists gain access to your neighbors. They will use your conversation by saying, “Those good Christians down the street talked with us. You should, too.”

5. Too many Christians love the sport of argument. That’s the wrong way to handle truth.

6. Other Christians are susceptible to misguided kindness. They extend “grace” where rebuke and rejection are more appropriate (see 2 John 7-11).

If you want to minister to cultists at your door, graciously warn them of their error by saying, “You do not know the true Lord.” Give them a biblical tract and pray for them after they leave. A brief, loving rebuke will enter their heart more readily than an hour of argument. At the same time, you will protect yourself and your family from the error God commands us to discern.

We isolate murderers in prison to prevent further crimes. We quarantine people with contagious diseases to prevent the spread of known disease. In the same way, we isolate false teachers to minimize their destructive influence. We do so in obedience to God’s call to discernment.

It’s not that you should never share the gospel with cultists; it’s just that you should avoid debates with strangers who come to your door with undisclosed agendas. Eagerly share Christ with cultists in your sphere of influence! Your words will be impactful as Christ works through you to accomplish His will.