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The Need of Tribulation (Moises Torres)

November 4, 2018 Pastor: Moises Torres

Topic: Sunday Sermons Scripture: Acts 14:19-28


Dane Logan: Well, you that have been here for a while have heard me talk much of Mexico, much of the Mexican Indian Training Center, much of the believers down there and the churches, and so if I needed any validation, I brought my friends here today so they can witness that these things are true.

Pastor Moises was a former student at the Mexican Indian Training Center. He then went to seminary in Mexico City and finished his degree in 1980. Following that, he went back to the Mexican Indian Training Center and became a full-time professor in Bible and two years later while still teaching there in 1982, God put it on his heart to start evangelizing an area of Cordoba, the city that Mexican Indian Training Center is in. God put that on his heart and what happened was a small Bible study started. Ultimately it turned into a church in 1984, Belen Church, and so he continues to teach part-time at the school even though he has a full-time pastorate at the church.

I first met Pastor Moises in 2002 on my first mission trip occasionally attending his church and having meals with him, but over the last eight years we have spent much time together ministering together in a church that you've heard of, Saladero and ??. In Saladero, just as a sidenote, is one of seven mission churches that Belen Church has established under his ministry. To get to know somebody, you have to spend a lot of time with them, you have to watch them and listen to them. I've heard him speak from the pulpit, I've seen him engage people one-on-one. He truly has a heart for the Gospel to speak into believers' lives to comfort them, encourage them and instruct them and to call sinners to repentance and faith. Colossians 3 says that whatever we do in word and deed, do it all to the glory of God, all in the name of Christ. This is the testimony of his character. He would be the first one to tell you that it's all of grace, all of grace of what God has done in his life.

So we're thankful to have him here today. We're also thankful to have his wife, Claritta. She has faithfully served alongside of him for 32 years. They have three beautiful daughters, Belen, Shalom and Joyce. I've known them since they've been little girls so they're darling. So without further ado, I'll welcome him. We welcome you to the Truth pulpit.


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Moises Torres: Well, I'm sure humbled to be here today. It must be God's grace to have me here because I don't deserve it and I thank the Lord for your lives. I have known you through these years. I have my Brother Dane and we have been praying for you as you have been praying for us in Mexico, and this is the very first time I'm here in this place but I feel like I have been here a long time because we have been united in the ministry praying for each other, and before I start preaching, I'd like to thank you for your prayers and I'd like to thank Brother Dane and his beautiful wife for helping me in their prayers and for hosting me this week. Thank you very much and I'm also grateful not only for prayer but also for the financial help to start this ministry in the Saladero area. That's my hometown area. I'm not from Saladero but I am from a village that is just across the river. That's a wide river, very close to the river you have nearby. When we started that work, I remember that we had groceries and we had food for those people. We just had flooding there, that river flooded the area, all that area, and we just felt that we needed to love on those people so we used a truck, 15 ton truck full of food for those people and part of that was sent through this ministry.

So we are grateful for that and now we have an established church there. I'm leading the work, still leading the work there but I'm not going to be the pastor to that church because I'm already working for a church in Cordoba that I've been leading for over 32 years. But there is a guy there, his name is Martin Ricardo, and he's a man full of the Holy Spirit. He loves the Lord. He loves his people and he loves the word of God and he's been learning and I've been training him to become a full-time pastor. So pretty soon he's going to take over the work there and I'll be happy like Paul going somewhere else to start a new church, maybe the city of Veracruz. That's a big city, one that has a million population, so they need a solid, sound, doctrinal church in that place. We have many churches there but they are teaching things that are not in the word of God, really.

So pray for us, please, as we continue serving the Lord in my country, and thank you again for having me here and I thank the people who provided the means for me to come. When I first was invited by Brother Dane, I told him there was no way I could come and see him because my Visa needs to be renewed and I have no papers to come. So I thank you for the help and I'm just grateful. I thank the Lord for that.

I hope I can bring a message of encouragement to you this morning. I have to use my watch because sometimes preachers just forget about time. I don't want to wear you out as I do with my church, but I don't know about time, maybe 30 minutes, 40 minutes. Can you stand that? Okay. Somebody will say let the Holy Spirit lead but sometimes we're excited and we forget about the leading of the Holy Spirit, you know? But let the Holy Spirit lead us this morning.

Let us come to the book of Acts 14:19 through the end of the chapter. Acts 14:19 through the end of the chapter.

19 Then Jews from Antioch and Iconium came there; and having persuaded the multitudes, they stoned Paul and dragged him out of the city, supposing him to be dead. 20 However, when the disciples gathered

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around him, he rose up and went into the city. And the next day he departed with Barnabas to Derbe. 21 And when they had preached the gospel to that city and made many disciples, they returned to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch, 22 strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith, and saying, "We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God." 23 So when they had appointed elders in every church, and prayed with fasting, they commended them to the Lord in whom they had believed. 24 And after they had passed through Pisidia, they came to Pamphylia. 25 Now when they had preached the word in Perga, they went down to Attalia. 26 From there they sailed to Antioch, where they had been commended to the grace of God for the work which they had completed. 27 Now when they had come and gathered the church together, they reported all that God had done with them, and that He had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles. 28 So they stayed there a long time with the disciples.

Well, I cast myself upon God's grace to share God's word this morning.

I'd like to talk to you about the need of tribulation and just to hear this title sometimes makes us feel bad, you know, because we don't like to be under tribulation. I'm like those people, I don't like to suffer and if I ask you, "Would you like to suffer?" I'm sure nobody would say, "Yes, I would like to suffer." But you don't have to ask for suffering, you don't have to ask for tribulation because that's going to come and you need to be prepared for that. We never know when the Lord is going to bring these difficult times in our lives and when we talk about Paul and we want to describe his life with one word, I would use the word, I think it is the word tribulation. He was under tribulation. He was proved all the time. You know, he used to be a Pharisee and as a Pharisee he used to be a very prideful man. His problem was with pride and the Lord had to work in him through difficulties to make him like the Lord Jesus Christ.

Well, he has been preaching in his first journey with Barnabas. He went to this big island to preach the Gospel to the island of Cyprus and then he preached in two main cities of that place, then he went into Antioch of Pisidia, then he would preach in Iconium and then he would preach in Lystra where we have him this morning, preaching in Lystra. Then he will move into Derbe and every place he went to he would face problems. You know, he was running from one place to another, escaping for his life, and he would face his problems with the Jewish people that didn't like his ministry. They didn't like his preaching because he was preaching about the Lord Jesus Christ. When he comes to Lystra, he finds this idolatrous city committed to these different gods and they have a great miracle there, having this paralytic man being healed, and these people's reaction is positive and they think, "Well, two gods in the form of men came down to us," and they wanted to worship them and they called both of them the names of their gods and the priests to this god wanted to offer animals, to sacrifice animals, and they wanted to worship them. You know the story, but they rejected that worship. You know, they spoke the truth, they told them, "We are men like you. We are just men. Why are you doing these things? We also are men with the same nature as you and preach to you that you

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should turn from these useless things to the living God." What courage they had to preach the truth. They wanted to have these people happy, just to have them happy. They wanted them to know the truth.

Then things changed for them. When they rejected the worship, then things changed and they wanted to kill them. Verse 19 says, where I started reading this morning, "Then Jews from Antioch and Iconium came there; and having persuaded the multitudes, they stoned Paul and dragged him out of the city." It is very interesting the change of attitude in the people in Lystra. At first they wanted to worship them and then they wanted to kill them. Now we don't know how Barnabas escaped from being stoned but he escaped, but not so with Paul. Maybe Paul was the one to be stoned because he was the one that had the word, he was the one who was speaking and he was confused with the god Hermes who was the voice of the gods, a servant of the gods bringing the voice of the gods. He was stoned. The people that provoked this stoning were the Jews from Antioch and Iconium who in their zeal to do harm to the preaching of the Gospel, they walked over 100 miles to do this harm.

Paul and Barnabas had been expelled from Antioch of Pisidia and Iconium and from Iconium they go away, they flee away and they escape being stoned but the stones got Paul in Lystra. He can't escape this time. Where they believed he was dead, he was abandoned outside of the city thinking he was dead in order to be eaten by wild animals and vultures. He was so sad at what happened there but as it is always, God is always taking care of his servants and he protected his disciples. Paul was able to escape from the stones in Iconium but not this time because the Lord considered it appropriate for his glory that he would suffer and we'd better think seriously about this because sometimes the Lord is going to bring us, as Paul, through difficulties and we have to be ready to hear God's voice and see how he wants us to glorify him.

I don't know if you have been under persecution for preaching the Gospel. I have not been many times in that situation but I have been there at least twice. I remember one day I was preaching in a place in the city of Mexico, Mexico City, and we were helping people and having services every night for a week, we started a new church there, and I remember seeing a man in the entrance to that place where we shared the Gospel with people, and I shared the Gospel with him with all my heart and I asked him to repent and I asked him to commit his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. He just listened to me, he was not opening himself to me but he just listened to the Gospel and after that, about 10 minutes later, somebody approached me and asked me, "Do you know who was the person you just shared the Gospel with?" I said, "No." They said, "He's the Catholic priest of the church of this place." Then I thought, "Well, I'm in trouble." The next day, a group of about 40-50 people with machetes and stones, stakes, they came to us and they said, "You'd better go away from here or we're going to kill you. We want to burn up this place because we don't want you to be here." Well, there is a sensation that you feel like this is the last day of your life because those people get angry and they can do what you never thought they could do. They just hate you and that's the enemy through those people wanting to make you disappear from this life.

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Another time, I was visiting one of these small villages in the mountains. It took a long time for us to get there and it was about 2 o'clock in the morning and I remember coming across a soccer field and two men appeared, there suddenly appeared two men on their horses and so a rifle was pointed at my head and my friend's head. Two men and they asked, "What are you doing here?" "Oh, sir, we are missionaries. We came here to preach the Gospel." And one of them said, "Why don't we just take their money, we shoot them and go to the mountains?" And I said, "Well, then if you shoot us, you're going to kill two men of God and you have to face God for that one day." So the other man said, "They haven't done anything wrong to us so why are we going to kill them? Why don't we help them find the person they're looking for?" I was looking for the pastor to the church in that place and after wanting to steal our money and wanting to kill us, the Lord used them to protect us at that time of the day.

The Lord is faithful and if he let's you go through difficulties, you can be sure he's going to be with you all the time. And if he wants you to die and if he wants you to glorify him dying for his cause, you must be ready for that too. But I'm glad that I'm here today to share with you that story because it really touches my heart just to remember how the Lord takes care of his servants.

So how did Paul consider tribulation? He considered tribulation as something that is necessary. It is necessary going through tribulations to come into the kingdom of God, to enter into the kingdom of God. He told Timothy that everyone who wants to be pious in this world will suffer persecution. The enemy is going to go after you if you live a holy life, if you live a pious life. If you really want to glorify the Lord in this world, the devil is going to persecute you and he's going to show his hate in some way all the time. And I say to you, brothers and sisters, that every time we do harm to the kingdom of the devil, we will produce a reaction from him and if we don't provoke a reaction from the devil, it means that we've gotten united with him.

Go out and preach the Gospel and you'll see what will happen. I'll tell you what will happen in Mexico if you go to these areas where the people really care for Catholicism. In my country most of the people are Catholic. You can know when a person comes to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ because if they come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, their lives change. They will leave the Catholic Church forever because you are either Catholic or a Christian. So when you share the Gospel, you can be expelled from one place or you can be killed. So if you are ready to share about the Lord, you're going to get some reaction.

Well, he's stoned in this city, the city of Lystra and the people had a sudden change of attitude towards Paul and Barnabas. Let's say yesterday they wanted to worship their new god, Hermes, and the next day they wanted to kill him. That's how people change their minds so easily. They can love you one day, the next day they hate you and that's the way people are. One day they cry out, "Hosanna, hosanna, the son of David!" The next time they would cry out, "Crucify him! Crucify him!" Don't you ever trust in men, you'd better trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. He's going to be faithful to you all the time. Your best friends can leave you from one day to the other. Do you know what? Sometimes the Lord

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does that for us for our sake and for his glory because we are so committed to our friends. Don't you think that God always is looking on us and he can considers how we trust all of our problems with our friends. It is not bad to have good friends and dear friends, it is good and you enjoy them as you have them, but the Lord sometimes is going to take them away from you because he's a jealous God and he wants to be number 1 in your life and not your friends.

Well, we have this man suffering for Christ, just sharing his Gospel, and as I told you, he was dragged all through that city and he was left outside of the city to be eaten by the wild animals, maybe by vultures, maybe by jackals, but the Lord raised him up. It could be that he didn't die but it could be he died. I have a theory and you don't have to believe it, but he said that he was maybe in the Spirit one day, one time, and he didn't understand it, even he himself didn't understand it when he went up to the third heaven and he saw and he heard things that is not given to men to explain, to understand and explain with words. Maybe he died, maybe he didn't die, but for sure the Lord did a great miracle in his body.

What would you do after being stoned with big stones hitting your head? Breaking your ribs? Making you feel so bad, tired, worn out, and with your bones broken? How could you walk the next day more than 60 miles to the next town? Do you know why? Because the Lord was with him.

But there was a great result. The Bible says that in Derbe they had great results. Verse 20 says, "However, when the disciples gathered around him, he rose up and went into the city. And the next day he departed with Barnabas to Derbe. And when they had preached the gospel to that city and made many disciples." Yeah. Maybe the Lord is going to break all your bones but the next day you're going to preach the Gospel, you're going to preach the Gospel in the power of the Spirit. You are not going to trust in yourself. You're going to be broken, you're going to be humbled by the Lord and the word of God is going to come out of your mouth with the power of the Holy Ghost and those souls are going to be saved.

He suffered, yes, but the Lord prepared him to have these results. Do you know what happens to preachers when they see results? It is very easy to fall into this problem of selfishness and carnality. "Oh, I have been educated in the best seminary and I have such a degree." You know, I have seen so many results preaching the Gospel. I don't deserve to see what I have seen preaching the Gospel but I'm sure it is not because of me. When I went out of seminary, when I graduated I had my title and I brought it to church, you know. Well, I didn't have a church but when I started a church, I wanted to set it on the wall of the church and we had a bad deacon. I still remember him. He did many wrong things. I won't share with you every wrong thing he did. One of the things he did to me, he made my title disappear. He threw it in the garbage can and my church didn't get to know all the preparation I had in seminary. Until now they didn't know but they have seen the results of God working through this undeserving God's servant because he is the one who has to be notable. He is the one, not us, and when God makes sure he's going to

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receive all the glory, he'll be ready to bless you, he'll be ready to bless your ministry, and he's going to show the results.

Oh, I love this phrase: they made many disciples. Many disciples. It is good going under trials, it is good going under tribulations because that's the way we're going to come into the kingdom of God. There is no other way, brothers. There is no other way. The Lord is going to use broken vessels. That's the way he does things. With so much suffering, Paul experimented God's grace in his life to preach because a broken man is more useful in the kingdom of God than the most educated preacher in the word in the greatest and well- known seminary.

This was the experience of these great preachers in church history. They were broken men. If you would hear about George Whitefield, George Whitefield was a broken man. Jonathan Edwards was a broken man, a humble man. Do you know he was very attached to David Brainerd? He was one of his best friends and when David Brainerd came back, he was hosted by Jonathan Edwards, and his daughter, Jerusha, took care of him. She took care of him until he died. Then Jerusha got the same sickness he had and she died from that, with that same sickness David Brainerd had. Then in his journal Jonathan Edwards writes, "We had the privilege to share our daughter, our daughter Jerusha, to take care of one of the most wonderful servants of God, and then she died giving her life for the same cause, the kingdom of God." Do you think he was a broken man? I think about myself with my daughters. I have three daughters and I love the three of them. My wife and I, we love the three of them dearly. Would I dare to share one of my daughters with a man that I know is about to die of a contagious sickness? You need to be a humble man to do that. You need to be a broken vessel to do that.

Oh, what about Spurgeon? He was able to preach without the means we have now to amplify our voice to more than 23,000 souls and sometimes he would ask his own church to go out, to leave the building because he needed new souls to come in to hear the Gospel. But the Lord dealt with him too. He had a problem in his body that would make the bravest man to scream out of pain, but even so he just kept going on preaching the Gospel, saving souls. When winter came, he had to move to friends, to the hospital to stay for 3-4 months there until the weather got better in London, being able to come back to preach. But who can deny he was a man, a broken man, and he was used by the Lord?

If you have another idea how we can serve the Lord and have good results and have God working through us, you can share it if you want to but you're going to get to the same point: we need to go through tribulation. We need it, brothers and sisters. Tribulation is used by God to break through that thick shell of carnality we have. He has to break it. He has done it with his servants many times. He has done it with me several times but I tell you, when he breaks that thick shell of carnality in us, then the fragrance and the odor and the sweet smell of the Holy Spirit pours out through you and then people can sense the presence of God in you and now you can share the Gospel, then you can share the word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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I don't know if you are in tribulation today, maybe so. There must be a reason for God put it in my heart to share this passage of the Scripture with you this morning. Maybe some of you need it, to know that there is not another way. You get courage. It could be the Lord God is preparing you for something, for a work, for a very special work. It might be the Lord is training you and he's preparing you to receive a great blessing from him. Would you like to be used to save souls? Would you like to have people, would you like to have more people in here to fill this place until you don't have anymore room to fit them in? You need to be prepared and God is going to prepare you through difficulties.

Then you see Paul working in the power of the Holy Spirit and what is he doing? He is saving souls. They make many disciples. He's saving souls. He is encouraging these people, these new disciples. He is exhorting them to continue in the faith and he is preventing them. We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God. What different way of approaching people with Paul. Today if you watch these new modern preachers on tv, they're going to preach a different way. They're going to tell you that if you come to know Jesus, he's going to turn to turn into Santa Claus to you. He's going to give you all your life, he's going to fulfill all your dreams. That's a preaching man but not in the Gospel. It is not in the Gospel. It is not the Gospel at all.

The Lord Jesus Christ said the truth, he said, "In this life you will have tribulation, but trust me, I have overcome the world." He said the truth. He never lied to us. Well, you have this wonderful experience here but people don't want to suffer. You know, one day one of these prophets told Paul, "The man who owns this belt is going to suffer in Jerusalem," and then even Luke, he was full of concern about Paul, his friend, he was his best friend, he said, "Oh, Paul, don't you go into Jerusalem because you're going to suffer." And the rest of the brethren asking Paul also, "Hey, don't you go, Paul. Oh no, Paul, you're going to suffer if you go into Jerusalem." And Paul cries out and he says, "What do you mean by weeping and breaking my heart? What are you doing for I am ready not only to be bound but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus."

He knew he couldn't escape from suffering. He knew he couldn't escape from tribulation but he didn't want to escape. If it was needed for God's glory, that was fine with him, and the question is: is it fine with us? Would it be fine with us? If the Lord wants us to go through difficulties, would it be fine with us? For the name of the Lord Jesus, he was ready not only to be bound with a belt as the guy told him, he said, "Ah, that's nothing just to be bound with a belt, but if they want to kill me, I'm ready to die for Jesus' sake." Would somebody say amen?

In Galatians, just ending of that letter, Paul said, "From now on, let no one trouble me. From now on, let no one trouble me for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus." Can you say that too? Have you been hurt in your body for preaching the Gospel? At least have you been scared by somebody just for preaching the Gospel? If you don't do it, you'll never be scared. If you don't do harm to the kingdom of the devil, you'll never be persecuted.

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We need to love Jesus more every day. We are to be ready if it is needed, to suffer for him. To suffer for him. Our remember when they invited me to come into the Tezonapa area, we have a growing church there. I'm not a preacher to that church. I told you, I just go and start a new place and then leave the elders there and go somewhere else. That's the biblical model we have here. But I remember this guy, he was living in Cordoba. He was from Tezonapa and Tezonapa was known by the high rate of crime in that place. There was a man and his name was ?? and when you heard that name, you said, "Oh, problems." This guy dug a lot of wells in that area and he would fill those wells with people's bodies, shoot them there. So when this guy stood up and said, "Brothers, I invite you to come over to my town to share the Gospel because my family needs to know the Gospel. I need to go back to Florida and I need somebody here to come to my place, to Tezonapa." And I said, "Yes, here I am, Lord, but send the deacons. I'm not ready to die. I'm not ready. I have my wife. I need to [unintelligible] and I have three daughters and you know, Lord, I need to take care of them." But before we ended the service, the Lord convinced me, "You need to go. Be brave. I'm going to take care of you."

So when I got there, I was trembling, shaking, looking everywhere saying, "When is he going to show up with his gun and shoot me?" Because he took care of that area. Really, seriously, I'm telling you seriously they would check on new people coming into that area because he had the control there. He would work even for the local government there doing the dirty work for them. About a week later, he was shot. They shot his body full of holes. He died and the fear disappeared and we had freedom to go into that place and now we have a man there who really loves the Lord. He's a great pastor, a great preacher. The Lord gave me the gift of preaching, he gave him, I'm jealous of him, he gave him... I can't believe it. I just shared the Gospel to him and his family and now he is the man full of the Holy Spirit. He knows the word. He preaches the word. He's opening new areas in the mountains now and he has a growing ministry. Praise the Lord. But the Lord had to deal with me. He had to put me in trouble and I had to trust him and I had to go through all of that and the Lord did his work. He is a wonderful God.

He knows how to take care of his servants and, you see, these men then they are led by the Lord to go back to their home church. They go to Antioch of Assyria. They go back to the church that commended them to the grace of God. They were praying for them. Do you know how long they stayed there doing missionary work? Two years. It is not like some missionaries we have in Cordoba, you know, I invite them from our church, "Come with me. Come and enjoy the place." Brother Dane knows more of my people in Saladero than some people from my church. And I invite them, "Oh no, because I'm going to be bitten by mosquitoes. Oh, that's a very humid place. Oh, I'm going to sweat. I'm not ready to sweat." Oh. That's very sad. So when some new people come with me and say, "Hey, do you want to stay longer here?" "Oh no." After the first mosquito bite, they want to go back home because they don't want to suffer. They don't want to struggle. They don't want to sweat. They want to look pretty and handsome all the time and when you are in the ministry, you won't have time even to clean your car.

You know, people might think, "I don't care about being in a very clean car, the problem is I don't have time to be just pampering my car and cleaning the windows and look

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pretty and nice." You need to go. Sometimes we don't have time to dress well, as I'm dressed up here. I never use it in my town. I use it out of respect for you but we don't need it. We need to be full of the Holy Spirit. We need to be full of Jesus. We need to be full of the Holy Spirit and preach the Gospel. That's what counts. Paul said to the Corinthians, "When I came to you, I didn't come in the wisdom of words but I came shaking, trembling, and in the power of the Holy Ghost." Amen. That's what we need, to be full of the Holy Spirit and preach the Gospel. Let those souls know about the Lord Jesus Christ. If we love them, let's encourage them to love the same Savior but you need to be broken and the only way is going through tribulation.

Do you know how they came back home? Like two war heroes. I could maybe fix another sermon having the title, a new title, to welcome two war heroes. They were war heroes for two years and that was not going to be the last trip, the last journey. They would go back two more times and the fourth time he would face those problems going into Rome maybe to stay there and die there under Nero beheading him. The day of his crowning, the day of Paul's crowning, he was beheaded and he glorified the Lord Jesus Christ that way and if the Lord wanted him to glorify him that way, that was right. Everything is right with God. If he wants you to die preaching the Gospel, he's going to give you the grace to die. That was the experience of God's heroes. Polycarp, he blessed the flames that would take him to heaven and he was worshiping the Lord and singing to the Lord when he was killed by being loyal to the Lord for 84 years and serving him and he was ready. The story says that he didn't seem to ever feel the burning of the flames. And the Lord gave this from his grace. For everything or anything he wants us to go through, he's going to give us enough grace.

Now they come home and what a joy when they came home. I can imagine people asking him, "Hey, Paul, tell us about Cyprus. Tell us about that city. Tell us about that main man on that island that believed the Lord Jesus Christ. How did you share the Gospel to him? Tell us about Antioch of Pisidia. Tell us about Iconium. Tell us about Derbe. What happened to you? Did you really die?"That's a question I have for him when I go to heaven. "Hey, Paul, did you die that time? Did the Lord resurrect you that day? Why did you come into the city of Lystra again? Why did you come into that city again if they wanted to kill you there the first time?" Oh what a joy when we see this great man of God. What a joy for this church having these two missionaries bring such a wonderful testimony of God's grace.

Well, tribulation, it brings great results and there is no other way, and if you are in tribulation today, if you're going through trials, troubles, problems, just bless the Lord. Just ask him to show you what he wants from you and tell him that you are ready to glorify him any way he wants you to do it. God bless you. God bless you.