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Bible Reading Plans

Bible Reading Plans

Click Here to download the PDF file.

These Bible reading plans from TCC seek to help you develop good Bible reading habits. 

  1. The self-explanatory alternatives allow you to choose a plan that is right for you.
  1. Each schedule varies the length of the assignments to make it easy to catch up if you fall behind.  Weekly rather than daily readings eliminate the sense of pressure if you miss a day. 
  1. The months are left blank to give flexibility for your start date.  The blanks next to the assignments allow you to record your completion date and thus keep track of your progress.  

God’s Word is always fruitful in the lives of those who devote themselves to it (Isaiah 55:8-11).  Our elders commend the Word of God to you and trust God will bless you as you read His Word.

Grace and peace,

Don Green
Truth Community Church