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Christ Is All

Colossians 3:11 declares, “Christ is all.” The Christian who seeks to find solace beyond the truth found in Christ alone embarks on a futile quest. Christ is all. Indeed, He must be, lest our faith be in vain.

There are many ways today that professing Christianity denies the sufficiency of Christ. Numerous Christians have been deceived by the notion that they can attain deeper spiritual fulfillment if they simply experience Christ beyond what is contained in Scripture. It is a common scheme of the devil to tempt Christians to be discontent in their spiritual walk, even when it is being healthfully nourished through Scripture reading, sound preaching, and biblical prayer.

As a result, some Christians may find themselves discouraged when their attempts to evoke an emotional worship or devotional experience are unsuccessful. They may grow dissatisfied with their own prayer time when Christ fails to “speak” to them the way some Bible teachers claim He speaks to them.

Others may live as though Jesus is adequate for Sunday morning, but allow the whims and philosophies of the world to reign the rest of the week. Thease may attempt to reconcile their Christ with the world’s ways but in so doing, they create a false Jesus who cannot save.

Still others may claim Christ, yet do not rest in the sufficiency of His work alone for salvation. Rules, rituals, and laws are added to their Christ in order to gain salvation. For these, Jesus has done His best, but man must do the rest.

The glory of the true gospel is that, in Christ, sinful man can be reconciled and justified before a holy God. In Christ, sinful man can be indwelt by the Holy Spirit and sanctified unto God, growing each day to look more like the perfect Savior. The simplicity of the gospel is that its truths are readily accessible in the objective Word of God. No subjective mystical experience or ritualistic checklist is required for salvation, only a repentant heart and submission to the lordship of Jesus Christ. With this the believer is made complete (Colossians 2:10).