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Archives for December 2015

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Confidence for a New Year

Would you like a foundation not only for the new year, but for the rest of your life? Come to the doctrine of divine providence......

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When God Gave Christ for Us

I would have you notice when God gave his Son, for there is love in the time. In his eternal purpose he did this from before the foundation of the world. The fact is that Jesus was always the gift of God. The promise of Jesus was made in the garden of Eden almost as soon as Adam fell. On the spot where our ruin was accomplished, a Deliverer was bestowed whose heel should...

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Why the Virgin Birth Is Essential

The specific question which I shall seek to answer is whether the doctrine of the miraculous birth of Jesus from a virgin mother, taught in the opening chapters of the gospels of Matthew and Luke, forms an indispensable element in Christianity so that without it Christianity would be incompletely stated and left defective... ...

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