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The Church

The longer I’m in ministry, the more I think the church (broadly speaking) has not taken this as seriously as it ought.....

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Remember Your Position in Christ

My Christian friend, in the midst of all that's happening (it's a lot and it's all complex), step back and remember a few simple things about your position in Christ....

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Courageous Men

I’m thrilled by the social media posts of the public support given to John MacArthur and Grace Community Church today....

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Don't Be Surprised

A pastor can’t say everything that needs to be said in a single message, let alone a social media post....

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Wash Your Hands

We have heard so much about maintaining physical health during these times. Fair enough--I'll wash my hands and maintain social distancing....

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A while back I posted about my intentions to preach a series of messages on transgenderism. Quite a few people expressed interest in it, so here's an update....

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The Bible and Homosexuality

Since I first started teaching on the Bible and homosexuality several years ago, I have chafed at the campaign of deliberate misinformation that props up the entire social narrative....

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Openly-Homosexual Presidential Candidate

When an aspiring, “married” and openly-homosexual presidential candidate (Pete Buttigieg) tries to isolate the sitting vice-president by saying, “It's time for us to move on toward a more inclusive and more humane vision of faith than what this vice president represents,” he has not-so-subtly declared war on biblical Christians everywhere....

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Spiritual Leadership

I have many friends who are pastors or otherwise in spiritual leadership. This is primarily for them, although the rest of you are welcome to listen in......

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